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Share photos and make comments in a live manner from your device that uses Windows

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Instagram Live for Windows 8
Instagram Live for Windows 8 2014

Anyone looking for a little extra utility with Instagram may want to check out the Instagram Live Windows 8 software because this technology will let you download pictures and host it from any Instagram account. You can collect photos from your Instagram account, and you can use the search engine to enter names and learn who you want to download photos from. If the privacy options of an account will allow for it, you can check out the links from the photos that have been hosted.

Links for the Most Important Features on Instagram

Through the utility of the links, you will see the "Photos of the Day," and you can also look at some of the most popular pictures of Instagram through this method. Now, it might not be quite as practical as you'd hope. For example, even despite the minimalist approach to the interface and the results appearing fast, the system ultimately proves highly impractical for downloading photos because it doesn't actually let you download the photos from the Desktop. Instead, you recover the links and from there, you will have to copy and paste the link to check out the pictures. Another problem is how the system won't let you preview the photos, and you experience tons of connection errors with specific accounts. Nothing has been done about this despite it getting reported.

During the test of this software, we found it was almost impossible to copy and paste the links over to certain accounts.

Saves Time and Boosts Productivity

One of the nice things about Instagram Live Windows 8 is how it saves you on time because you don't have to log in to use the software. Instead of getting distracted by the countless possible updates, you can simply make the most of them right from your desktop. This popular social network has grown because of the love for photos, and you can perform almost the same actions that you might have for the mobile device.

Upload Photos, View Friends and Apply Filters

Among some of the many things that you can do on Instagram, uploading photos has been one of the most popular. Here you can make new friends and apply filters to search for specific photos. You can also comment on your favorite pictures, and you might search for a specific image to download.

Instagram Live Windows 8 is a worthwhile download because of it's access to pictures. In fact, that's what this social media site specializes in. If you'd like to learn more about it, one of the best ways to do this is to download it and find out for yourself. Maybe you'll like it and maybe you won't.


  • Boosts your productivity because you don't have to constantly check your Instagram.
  • Check out the "Photo of the Day" through links.
  • You can employ the search engine to find specific users you like who take great pictures.


  • Not the most practical app out there.

Instagram Live for Windows 8 is a photography app for Instagram users that allows Instagram photos to be pulled up and viewed. The program does not allow for integration of a user's own Instagram account, but it does showcase photos on Instagram that are currently coming up as the most popular. In addition to pulling up popular photos, Instagram Live for Windows 8 also pulls up images randomly, based on location, and according to tags.

The uses of Instagram Live for Windows 8 tend to be somewhat limited. However, many users enjoy being able to use the program to stay posted on what's trending on Instagram. Popular Instagram photos are presented in a grid in Instagram Live for Windows 8, but the images are recycled. This means that users might become frustrated with seeing the same images coming up repeatedly. Users can view new images by simply scrolling to the right.

By using Instagram Live for Windows 8, it's possible to see both the images and the hashtags that are trending. Users can click on a hashtag to see the photos that are linked with that hashtag.

There are quite a few repeated complaints about Instagram Live for Windows 8. Users have noted that load times for photos are often quite long. The interface of Instagram Live for Windows 8 has been described as ugly due to its clashing colors and seemingly haphazard layout.

Instagram Live for Windows 8 was developed by Kelvin Davies, and the most recent version is the version from July of 2013. Overall, the app has received fairly consistent negative reviews, and there are better options out there for apps related to Instagram photo viewing for Windows 8.


  • Provides Instagram picture map
  • Display hashtags that are trending
  • Adds popular photos


  • Cannot integrate an Instagram account
  • Unattractive interface
  • Photos are low resolution

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